Fabletics Leggings: A Review

BRAND: Fabletics

NAME: Salar legging in Chroma print

MATERIALS: This legging is made of 88% polyester 12% elastane. Quite stiff at first and getting them on is a workout in itself! Once on however these have decent stretch.

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: Fabletics is a brand which draws you in with a deal like “First outfit only £28 VIP exclusive!” Or  “2 leggings for £29 new VIP member offer”. The issue with these deals is they come at a cost…VIP membership. This VIP membership means that each month they send you a new selection of outfits which you can either buy or you can skip the month. Doesn’t sound to bad right? Well the catch is that this will cost you £45. To be fair the £45 does go towards your outfit but if you are poor like me and don’t have £45 to waste each month, fabletics is maybe not for you.
I was drawn in by this offer and didn’t realise what I signed up for, however because I noticed quickly enough it wasn’t the end of the world. You have a month to cancel your VIP membership before they will charge you, after that anything they’ve charged you cannot be got back. In fairness to them it was very easy to cancel and I have no complaints about the overall service BUT something to be wary of none the less!

Great for working out in, don’t show sweat marks and no restriction of movement. Colour wise bright but still wearable, the multicolour pattern means that you can mix and match with lots of different colour tops (I personally like to wear pinks and purples with mine). The high waist has a slight compression to it so really sucks you in. There’s the classic little pocket in the front right of the waistband. It’s not going to securely hold your phone while exercising but it will if you just need a place to pop it while you get water from the water fountain – at least that’s the only time I use it – and will definitely hold a small key.


These are squat proof and passed the squat test with flying colours!
The leggings are made of a nice thick material so no chance of seeing anything through these.

I would note though that having had mine for a few months and washed them a few times the colour has faded a bit so it’s possible that over time they would become more see-through but hey that’s just an excuse to buy a new pair!




Overall I would give these a 4/5. Comfy, funky and great to workout in. The only major downside is the price.  You can buy from fabletics without being a VIP but it all costs more (you don’t have the £45 already credited to your account so really it’s the same it just looks like more!) and you don’t want to leave it to the end of the month because all the good things and common sizes are gone.

WOULD I BUY THESE AGAIN? Yes, worth the cost I personally think. Although faded a little bit with washing they still fit really well and are super comfy!


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